Being a family or an individual and moving across the world to find a new ‘home’ can be challenging. We all have our necessities, comforts and there are also those little things we are use to and can’t live without! When you move to a new place all those pieces might be hard to find, but only for the simple reason that you don’t know where to look for them.

We will find you your new home and make your move as smooth a transition as possible. Even before you arive we will speak to you regularly to ensure we are creating the exact experience you were hoping for. You can contact us at any point to see where we are at and we guarantee fantastic personal assistance once you arrive ‘home’. We provide only the best services and products based on personal experiences, referrals and feedback. We use local businesses, people who take pride in doing what they love best.

So if you just need a recommendation on where to eat, personal help, house help, a dog walker, finding friends, clubs etc, or anything really, we are here to help.

( but these are guidelines that can be easily tailored to match the requirements for each client's requirements )


The Planner NZ is here to assist you as an individual or family with a guide to the area, help you to make the right big decisions and provide knowledge about the area you will be living in. The Planner NZ will assist by doing area orientations, identifying specific areas of interests such as sports clubs and ensuring you have all the information you need to find your feet.



After our initial consultation we will create a specific plan for you and each individual member of your family to make this move and adjustment as smooth as possible. This plan is good for individuals or families who need help with, schools, banking, pet needs, gym, sports and recreation facilities and much more. We will find the best options which will save significant time and many frustrations which usually comes with every move.



This plan is for an individual or family who would like everything set up and ready to go when they arrive. We will arrange regular phone meetings to ensure all needs are fully met and perfectly arranged for your arrival. Upon arrival, you will be welcomed and briefed about what has been arranged for you. This plan will be specifically designed to suit your needs & requirements, from finding accommodation to booking personal training sessions or even a dog walker!