So, a bit about me & how ‘The Planner NZ’ came about. My life has been full of moving around, moving to the UK, to Europe, to Hong Kong and of course to New Zealand…. that time with family in tow!

Every time I moved, I spent so much time trying to find my way around, finding the right accommodation, food shops, restaurants, gym, coffee shop, library and so on. These moves were not just for a couple of weeks, I was staying in these places for years so knowing these things early would have saved me a lot of time & money!

Looking back, I wish I had had someone who knew the country & area, who had detailed knowledge & insights and could really set me on my way. A bit like a holiday guide, but more for living and settling in purposes.

I understand that everybody is different and it’s not a case of ‘one size fits all’, which is why I created different services. Some want to come in & know straight away where everything is, where the best coffee place is (that IS important!), gym, schools etc. Others have a more laid back approach and are keen to go out and find out for themselves, but would still like a pointer in the right direction or a little starter to get them going. This is why I organised my packages into three different levels. It can be as simple as a map of your immediate area, schools, dog walkers and any other hidden treasures you might need. If you are a busy business person and flying in with the need to go to work the next day, 
I can organise everything from accommodation to personal trainer or dog walker, all structured to suit your needs and requirements.